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2016 LULAC Florida Convention
Building Leadership for the 21st. Century
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Director's Message
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Florida Director's Message

July 5, 2016

LULAC being the largest Hispanic civil rights advocacy group in the United States takes pride in improving opportunities for all Hispanics in the state of Florida and in all our nation.

This election season is posed to affect major issues affecting our families, our economy, our schools, immigration, and our way of life.  LULAC Florida is engaged in voter registration, education, and to get the vote out in November. It is very crucial for every Florida voter to become informed, engaged, involved, and cast a vote this upcoming November and in every election thereafter.

State Director's Message

2016 LULAC Florida Convention

Welcome to the 2016 LULAC Florida State Convention

LULAC is the nation’s oldest Hispanic civil rights organization and also the largest in terms of volunteer- membership. LULAC’s goal is to foster an environment that provides opportunities for improving the quality of life for Hispanic Americans. LULAC’s focus is on issues such as: educational opportunities, immigration reform, civil rights, and Puerto Rico’s representation.

Our 2015-16 fiscal year was a banner year for Florida LULAC and its advocacy initiatives.

Building Leadership for the 21st. Century

With the theme "Building Leadership for the 21st. Century", LULAC Florida will be celebrating its annual State Convention May 28-29, 2016 at the Bay Harbor Hotel in Tampa, FL.

Eighty seven years ago LULAC founders formed an organization that would become the largest, oldest and most successful Hispanic organization in the nation. Since its inception it has developed a tremendous track record of success by creating a culture of achievement within Latino communities through innovative grassroot programs, leadership development and advocacy.

Press Release

LULAC Florida Applauds President Obama’s Executive Action to Provide Temporary Relief from Deportation to Certain Undocumented Families

LULAC Florida applauds President Barrack Obama and supports the President’s  Executive Action to provide temporary relief to many undocumented families. The Executive Action, which temporarily protects families from breaking up and prevent deportations of hardworking individuals, comes at a critical time for many families.  Given the inaction of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform during these past two years, the President is using everything in his power to protect as many immigrant families as possible.

2014 Convention in Melbourne, Florida

Uniting Efforts for a Better Futurewill be the theme of the 2014 LULAC Florida State Convention. Members from around the state will meet in Melbourne, Florida May 24 and 25, 2014 to educate the community as well as to develop skills necessary to face issues in the 21st. century. LULAC Brevard will be the host of the 2014 convention. It will take place at the Melbourne Hilton Rialto.

If you wish to partner with LULAC Florida in this event as a sponsor sponsoring the LULAC Florida State Convention, your organization will reach State and local community leaders.


The 2013 LULAC Florida Convention was a success.
Official convention activities were initiated Saturday, May 25 at 9:00 am and ended Sunday May 26 at 1:00 pm.
My appreciation goes to all of those that helped in positive ways to maintain the name of LULAC high.  The display of support and team work was amazing. The committed convention committee worked very hard.  LULAC National Executive Director Brent Wilkes and Florida State Representative Luis Torres contributed to the success we had.


LydiaMedrano, Ph.D.
LULAC Florida State Director
Welcome to LULAC Florida website.
In May, 2013 LULAC members and friends will be celebrating Florida’s 500 years of diversity in the beautiful city of Fort Myers. Five hundred years ago, Spaniard explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, then the Governor of Puerto Rico, landed in the east coast of Florida. Ponce de Leon called this Peninsula La Florida, as we know it today.  Ponce de Leon died in the west coast of Florida.